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Welcome to Club Pizzalchik our unique rewards program that honors repeat pizzalchik customers with special bonuses and rewards for choosing Pizzalchik as their place for dining fun and entertainment.

We know that when you choose to dine out there are many options available to you and we are very thankful that you have chosen us and for that we have created Club Pizzalchik. You pay nothing to join and there are no obligations- all we ask is that you continue to choose Pizzalchik as your “go to place” when dining out, and for that you are eligible to receive bonuses and special offers as a way for us to say thank you for selecting Pizzalchik!

All you have to do is simply complete our online enrollment form and you are in club Pizzalchik! It’s that simple. Once you have joined be sure to pick up your club card the next time you are in. Every time you come in and order a minimum two topping pizza or one of our wonderful whole chickens you will receive a stamp on your club card. Once you reach a certain number stamps you can cash in the card for your rewards, its that simple. When you have cashed in your card, you can start another one.

Reward Levels

Your card has twenty spaces to receive stamps. At ten stamps you are eligible, at fifteen you are eligible, and you are eligible at twenty with a full card. Remember that once you cash in at any level you must start a new card.

- 10 stamps: $10.00 gift certificate

- 15 stamps: movie for two and a free cheese pizza

- 20 stamps: Family meal dinner for 4.

Being a Club Pizzalchik member also gives you updates on all of our special events as well as club member coupons delivered to you via email.

So what are you waiting for? Join today!

All Pizzalchik internet coupons cannot be used in conjunction with card stamp. All Club Pizzalchik promotions are for dine in customers only.